There are a lot of blogs and articles on the internet about living with Fibromyalgia. However, I want to do something different, something to help motivate people and pick fellow ‘Fibro-ers’ up! 


I got diagnosed on 24th December 2014, after months of tests and process of elimination. There is no actual ‘test’ to get a diagnosis, it’s a case of being tested for many different illnesses and if they come back with no results, then the answer is ‘Fibromyalgia’. 
Once the Doctor gave me the result for my weird and painful symptoms, I was told to do my research regarding the illness online. There was no given end result or examples of people managing the condition from the Doctor. It was just up to me to find out how to manage and live with the condition. 

After weeks of just trying to work out what Fibromyalgia is, I began to realise I am not the only one like this. When your down and hurting it can become lonely, like no one is listening and no one really truly understands what you’re going through, even though they say they understand. Especially the Doctors! 

The most annoying part of the condition is the fatigue! 
It’s not the painful, sharp pains that appear for no reason, or the fibro fog, where you feel like your floating outside your body and not safe to carry out tasks such as driving or talking! Or, the pains that just will not go away! It’s the fatigue! As if it’s not hard enough trying to function like a human being with all the other symptoms, someone has decided to chuck fatigue in for the kill! It’s the feeling of sleeping for hours, but never feeling refreshed or relaxed. 

‘You’re just lazy’ ‘Maybe you should exercise more’ ‘But you don’t look ill’ 

The stigma with saying you suffer from Fibromyalgia often stops people admitting the truth. I have heard all comments people could make, or had all the blank expressions on people’s faces whenever I say I have Fibro. I am now trying to change people’s opinions around and hear more comments like; 

You’ve managed to do all that whilst living with Fibro?!’ ‘You are managing your condition well” 
Or just to hear ‘I understand now!’ 

You try and function, get as much done as possible and act like a ‘normal’ person, but there is nothing wrong with admitting enough is enough. 
I am now at that point where it’s ok if you can’t do as much as previously; 
It’s ok to rearrange plans when needed, 
It’s ok to have a moan and cry to get emotions out, 
It’s ok to ask for a bit of help. 
And one big thing that I have had to teach myself is, ‘it can wait till tomorrow’
This is not a sign of weakness; this is a positive sign of managing yourself and your condition successfully.

It is hard living with a condition and trying to plan for the future. However a big part of ‘copping’ is taking each day as it comes, and looking back on positive days. I can honestly say I am in a positive place right now. I am working towards a promotion at work and looking at what the future holds for me and my husband. We have already done a lot for a young couple, we both have successful jobs working for a global organisation, we have been living together 4 years already, and married for 2 years, ohh and purchased our own house over a year ago. All at the age of 23!

It’s about proving to yourself and others, you are better than a label! You can be just as successful as the next person! 
Fibro does not have to define your life. You are in control the Fibro – Do not let it control you!